Afghanistan has a wide range of accommodation ranging from informal rooms in "chaikhanas" (tea houses) to hostels and guest houses to hotels of all budgets from budget, to mid-range and higher end hotels. Of course, some regions have fewer options than others. Generally, bigger cities like Kabul have a broader range of choices.


"Chaikhana" translates to tea house. These are rooms that are available for rent in a restaurant, generally above the main restaurant or sometimes on the same level. They are very basic and generally the lowest end of accommodation available, although some travelers report being able to find rooms with air conditioning easily. To find these, inquire directly with restaurants.

Price ranges are 500 to 800 AFN per night for two people.


There is a small number of listings available in Afghanistan. It's unclear whether these are active and why the number is so low. The legality of Airbnb is also unclear.


Couchsurfing is not allowed in Afghanistan. Locals might offer to host you, either knowingly or unknowingly, but doing so can put their safety at risk and can disrupt their lives for a long time with random searches being conducted in their houses in search of foreigners. It can land both the guest and host into trouble, with deeper repurcussions for the host.

Apartment Rental

Renting an apartment long term is also forbidden and foreigners must choose one of the other allowed types of accommodation.

Hotels and Guest Houses

There is a broad range of hotels and guest houses, depending on the region. The official prices are often a lot higher than the price for a walk-in booking or if booked online via or another site. They also usually offer big discounts (50% or up) if booked through a tour guide or another travel agent.

There are reports of the Taliban conducting random searches in the lower end hotels at night in Herat. This might also apply to other cities.


Safi Landmark Hotel: higher end, located near Shahr-e Naw Park. Phone: +93 76 655 5901. Website:

Khyber Hotel: budget hotel, located near Shahr-e Naw Park. Phone: +93 79 888 8141.

Kabul City Walk and Suites: mid-range hotel, near Shahr-e Naw Park. Phone: +93 20 221 2240. Website:


Gholghola Hotel: higher end, with a view of the Buddha statues. Phone: +93 79 536 6666. Website:


Wasim Hote: the only official hotel in town, fairly basic, only has shared bathrooms. Also quite expensive being the only game in town. Phone: +93 78 178 7155.


Tejarat Hotel: higher end, located in the city center. Phone: +93 79 942 5555. Website:

Arg Hotel: higher end, located a bit far from the city center. Phone:  +93 79 923 0000. Website:

Amiri Hotel: mid-range hotel, 2,000 AFN per night for a single room. Phone: +93 79 256 1515.