The currency in Afghanistan is the Afghani (AFN).

Crossing Borders

Please take note of the currency restrictions when crossing borders and use this to help plan your travel.


Credit and debit cards are not accepted in most places. It is largely a cash economy, so carry enough cash for your entire trip preferably in US Dollars or Euros.


Some travelers report the following banks have ATMs that allow you to withdraw cash with a 5% commission:

  • Afghanistan International Bank
  • Afghan Bank
  • Ghazanfar Bank

For these to work, your bank has to allow the transaction as well. It's unclear which banks do allow money to be withdrawn in Afghanistan so it's best to not rely on this.

Changing Money

You can change money at banks and at airports, but the best exchange rates are typically found with private money changers. These can be makeshift vendors on the street or more permanent ones with storefronts.

$100 or $50 USD bills fetch a higher exchange rate than lower denominations.

Money Transfers

You can send yourself money via Western Union, Moneygram or other similar services.